Thursday, September 15, 2011

RIP Max & Me Catering

It's been over a month since my last post, call it my summer vacation. Backlog of very interesting topics to share with y'all (as my Memphis family says) and they will appear as my busy schedule permits.

Jon & Max, as the roller coaster left the station
I could not ignore this latest development in the ongoing saga of my old company, Max & Me Catering. The handwriting has been on the wall for over 5 years now, with no Max, and no Me (whoever you want that to be, myself, my brother, etc.) , why would Libre/Guest Counts/M&M/Culinary Concepts/Gourmetro, continue to use the name Max & Me Catering? I have often said to myself, self, why would they not change the name? Well they did, as of yesterday, they have rolled all their names into one: Brulee Catering by Jean Marie Lacroix. Click and see what you get when you go the Max & Me catering URL: Ain't that some shit?

Does anybody think Brulee is a good name for a catering company? I think it makes you think it's a dessert only caterer, but that's just my obviously highly biased opinion. More important, is Jean Marie Lacroix an active working chef insuring high quality for all their events or is his involvement more marketing driven? Time will tell.

Kind of a bittersweet day for me, on the one hand the company I helped create, that has transformed into something very different the last five years, will no longer pretend to be something they used to be. On the other hand it is the final end to very a revered brand and a big chunk of my life for many years. I will be sharing many stories from the heyday of Max & Me Catering in the coming months and none of them have anything to do with brulee or counting guests.

Nice to be back.

Love & Harmony,