Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Authentic Catering, here we go again...

I guess it had to come to this. After over 7 years of trying to help other catering companies grow, and almost 10 years since I last was the driving force in a catering company, I have decided to incorporate and create my dream catering company. As most of you know who read this blog regularly, the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have ever had was with Max & Me Catering. The six and a half years that we grew the company from under one million dollars in sales to almost twelve million was a wild and crazy ride that I will never forget. The relationships we made, the high profile successful events, the great staff, and the happy repeat clients made the those years that I was mostly absent from my family seem worth it. Until it all came tumbling down. Ever since, I have been chasing that feeling and hoped to achieve it through alliances with other successful catering companies, without having to do the real work myself. It kind of worked and I was able to put my daughter through college on the money I made, but the feeling was never the same. This year, I started doing in-house catering for five major venues, and the consequence of doing great, affordable catering led to more and more requests to do off-premise work. I was doing them as an agent for the venues, but it wasn't really the proper way to proceed. When I finally met the perfect chef to partner with, Mr. Ed Schreiber, it came to me, the time was now and it had to be done. So, here we are. I'm all-in and so is Ed. The rest of this post will be rather short and informative, but there will be many more future updates, venue reports, recipes, and stories.
We both left our hearts in the SF Bay Area. To paraphrase the state's former Guv, "we'll be back"

Two men on a mission. Guess we need a statement.
Our name begins our mission statement. We will strive for Authenticity in all we do. I can't say what is Authentic for you, you will have to be the judge, but we will strive do do what we think is real and important and good.
Philly 100, October 15, 2015. Though not yet under the flag of Authentic Catering, 
this was the first time Chef Ed and I met and worked together. Photo credit: Susan Beard

From Philly 100, Han Chiang of Han Dynasty with Jess & Danielle from 1925 Cocktail Lounge
Photo credit: Susan Beard
Raw Sushi & Sake at Philly 100. A great event we produced the catering for
with a collection of  our favorite restaurants. Photo credit: Susan Beard
We are a full service catering company. We also consult for other catering companies, restaurants and venues. We represent venues in a sales capacity. We work with restaurants to help them in a catering environment by acting as their logistics and operations partner. We produce and coordinate catering events using a group of restaurants and create a cohesive event by tying the group together with all necessary and desired components. We travel far and wide to bring our unique take on catering to parts of the US where we like to work or are called on for major events. We love what we do. We hope you will.
A couple of our true Authentic heroes, brothers from a Universal Mother.
Website: www.AuthenticCatering.com (just a static page for now)

Please like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AAuthenticCatering/

Harry Spivak; email: harryspivak@gmail.com; 215.278.3759
Ed Schreiber: email: chezeddie@icloud.com; cell: 415.837.0337

Venues for in-house (not exclusive) catering:
Electric Factory
1925 Cocktail Lounge
SoundGarden Hall
Underground Arts
Rumor Nightclub

Soon to come, a fairly large list of venues that we are welcome in.

Most important, we still have some availability to cater holiday parties. Be part of our first catering season, benefits will accrue to those that jump on the ship first!

Thanks for reading, spread the word...