Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Annual Best of My Blog, Volume 1

One excuse for no recent blogs. Mountains to climb, Mt. Evans CO 14,264'
I was going to do this on the first anniversary of my first blog post but I didn't get around to it. That was back in mid-June. I think it will be good for those of you who are just starting to read my blog to look over some of the old posts. I have selected some of my favorites for you here, with brief recaps, and links to the original posts. A new post is coming, probably tomorrow, lots to catch up on: travels, events and new projects. It's been a great summer so far, hope you are enjoying it too.

First blog post, June 13, 2011. Link to blog post #1 This post discusses why I started blogging and what I intend to cover. Back in the dark days before I figured out how to put pictures in the blog.

A great new venue, featuring farm to table at it's freshest!
This blog post from October 11, 2011 is where I explain what I do for a living in the world of catering and special events. Learn how I can help you find the best venue for your event, and many more self-promotional pieces of knowledge that you really need. Link to blog post # 20

Here's a fun post from August 3, 2011: Link to blog post # 18, I called it "Random Notes" and covered many topics and events from last summer.

Opening poster, the original Electric Factory.
Link to blog post # 17, The Electric Factory One of my favorite places to have a party or corporate gathering. I grew up at the original Electric Factory at 22nd & Arch Streets. Met Janis Joplin. First job, alphabetizing the mailing list, $1 per hour.

Everything's better with Bacon. Nothing to do with this post
A nice long post, catching up on missed time, Link to blog post # 23. This covered my trip to Colorado taking my daughter to college and many of the fall events I didn't get to write about earlier. Lots of redeeming social value here, read it please...

Girard College's Founder's Hall. A non-exclusive venue.
A final post to revisit, this one is the first exploration of the world of exclusive catering contracts.Link to blog post # 32 This is a very important issue for our industry and there are many pros and cons that I begin the cover here and will do so in more depth in the future.

That's it for volume 1 of  the best of Catering & Me, look for volume 2 next week. These were all selected by me. By all means let me know if you have a favorite via the comments section below, or email to me,

Have a wonderful Wednesday.