Monday, June 20, 2011


Inside sources have confirmed a huge development in the Catering World.

Max & Me Catering/Guest Counts/Culinary Concepts/Gourmetro have in the last half an hour made a very important internal announcement. They have announced the hiring of Jan DeMarzo as VP of off-premise catering. They also announced that Jim Israel, former owner of Culinary Concepts is "no longer with the company"

Jan was formerly with Compass Group where she was VP of East Coast Sales for the Wolfgang Puck Catering brand. The Puck division only recently replaced Restaurant Associates as Compass's operating unit in Philadelphia. I had heard rumors about Ms. DeMarzo's possible departure starting when the Puck changeover was announced, and I was wondering how her style would match with the California based management of Puck.

I will write at greater length about this story later this evening. Off to Share our Strength.

Harry 6/20/11

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