Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Museum of the American Revolution

Very exciting day yesterday. This amazing new museum, currently under construction, held their pre-bid meeting for the companies vying to be the food service provider, for catering and their cafe. In reviewing my notes this morning, I counted the companies present and there were thirteen. How fitting, thirteen colonies, thirteen bidders for a very prestigious contract.
Museum as it would have looked in Valley Forge. Cool design, but much better in Philly.
Being the history buff that I am, my excitement about this museum is particularly strong, but even more so because of the over ten year history I have with the project. Originally slated to be built in Valley Forge, and back in the Max & Me Catering days, we catered a few events for them, including the unveiling of the museum design. We were also present, and showed up to cater a very important milestone event, that had to be canceled two hours before the event was due to start because of issues surrounding public/private project funding precedent. I took my entire event staff to a nearby watering hole to compensate for them losing a paid shift, we actually had a fun evening. So over the next few years the deal was made to bring the project to a much more preferable locale, Third and Chestnut, in the heart of the historic district.
Rendering of one of the exhibits, Washington's tent from Valley Forge. Wow.
Stroke, stroke, stroke.
I can't wait to see this place open and tour the collections and all the other interactive and passive exhibits that are being planned. The story of the American Revolution is THE story of America and how we came to be, and this will become one of the very top must see attractions in Philly. I have seen some of the collection, and the items they have to share are breathtaking. Until it opens in 2017, I hope folks will visit the website, join the museum and donate if you can. I did. Here is the link for the museum, it's a really cool site: MoAR website, click here.

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