Saturday, July 2, 2011

From The Max & Me Catering Archives, Volume 2

An Event at the NCC
The Fourth of July holiday brings back Max & Me Catering memories. Eight years ago we opened the National Constitution Center, and as the exclusive food service operator we were under tremendous pressure to perform at an extremely high level from day one. The building was to open to the public on the Fourth, but our biggest project was the Gala opening dinner followed by the "Red, White and Blue To Do" on the evening before.

Catersource, the premier national catering magazine, wrote a cover story on the opening of the NCC from the caterers perspective. Here is a link to the summary of the original article, I can't seem to find the complete article in my files or on line. It's a good story though and I have lots more to write about the NCC at a later date including how we were able to win the contract bidding against all the biggest food service contractors in the world. I may even discuss why I left Max & Me Catering and the NCC. Catersource link:

We always had many other major events going on for Fourth of July, in 2004 we catered the Liberty Medal luncheon for Afghanistan President Hamad Karzai at the Federal Reserve Building across 6th street from the NCC. You can imagine the security level for that event, and the main reason it was held at the Federal Reserve Building was because of its existing fortifications; security procedures and ingress/egress protection. What made it so challenging for us was we had concurrent events at the NCC, as well as a picnic for over 1000 guests at The Andalusia Estate for Southwest Airlines. It was Southwest's introduction into Philadelphia and the picnic was for employees, supporters and their VIPs. The best thing about this event was that we were partially paid in Southwest's "green" tickets. These are the ultimate airline ticket, short of first class, as they are completely changeable at any time, and you can book as many stops as you want with layovers on the same ticket. I have been trying to get more business from Southwest ever since!

I'm doing lots of Philly stuff for the weekend including the PGA Golf event tomorrow and Welcome America on the Parkway Monday. I may even review some of the picnics, barbecues and parties from the weekend. I did eat at Rosey's Barbecue in Ambler last night and they were packed most of the day. I went in just before closing and the only item they were out of was Collard Greens, a reason to go back today. The staff was still happy and helpful, and I had a great meal. I texted Chad after I left, a very simple: "A+". It was great to meet Chad's wife Jessica, my second cousin. I'll let you all know about Rosey's grand opening event coming soon. Rumor has it that Jessica's sister Toby Lightman, will be performing. If you have not heard Toby before, check her out:

Have a fantastic Holiday, remember and celebrate the incredible work of the founding fathers to create the great country we live in.

Party On!

Harry 7/2/11

RIP Jack Herman, you will be missed.

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  1. Dana G. Devine, CMP, CMMJuly 6, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    Harry, keep it up!
    You are doing great. Start the venue spotlights, especially the ones unfamiliar, like the Andalusian Mansion.