Saturday, July 16, 2011

A fun week, great parties...

My favorite chef, Jenn Carroll, and her 10 Arts crew at Best of Style Party.
Back to the blogosphere. I have been working on my first Site Inspection story on the Electric Factory, it's not quite ready yet, but I wanted to relay some of the fun happenings I took  part in this past week.

Tuesday was the Ultimate Networking Party at Chenango, the new restaurant inside the Arrow Swim Club, next to the Piazza in NoLibs. Fun time, decent food, and the highlight for me was that Uncle Bart was going to lend me some swim trunks so I could take a dip. I did not take him up on it though, fear of not fitting and/or ripping them.

Moshulu at Night, nice.
Wednesday I spent the whole day in a seminar on blogging. Very informative if a bit tiring, look for some of my new techniques in future posts and marketing efforts. Wednesday evening was perhaps the premier event industry networking event of the summer, HSMAI's Bash on the Moshulu. The Philly area event industry's most important person, Jim Cohn, is the force behind this party and it gets better every year. It sold out again this time and the collection of industry professionals, both planners and suppliers, is as good as it gets for this type of event. Great weather, excellent passed hors d'ouevres, refreshing specialty drinks and Jim Pfizzenmayer. What more does one need? Special thanks to Jim and his staff for the great hospitality and also accommodating my last minute guest that actually was not able to make it, but Danielle and gang made it easy to relax and enjoy the evening. 

Hard to top a Philly Style party. Publisher John Colabelli is a master at all elements of a successful shindig. Thursday night at The Crystal Tea Room featured enough different food, booze, environments, activities and beautiful people to make the most jaded Hollywood or Manhattan professional party goer impressed. It was very well done from a special event/catering ops viewpoint too. My favorite foods? Jenn Carroll's Tuna Tartar, Snockey's Littleneck Clams and Zavino's Tomato Mozz Salad (Nice job Brent & Jason!). Helping maestro Peter Breslow wrangle interviewees as he filmed the event for Philly Style was really fun. It allowed me to introduce myself to some folks I had never met before like Vince Papale, Stu Bykofsky and Dan Gross.

Introducing a new feature on Catering & Me: The Comment Contest.

Freddy the Carrot, catching rays, LBI
I really would love to get more comments so, the best comment on this post will receive a hand delivered selection of produce from my garden to include: Heirloom Tomatoes, English Cukes, Baby Zucchini, Basil, Italian Parsley and Habanero Peppers. Unfortunately I won't be able to include my favorite vegetable from the summer so far, Freddy the Carrot. I do believe he is an heirloom variety, and his brothers and sisters were quite delicious when brother Josh grilled them last Saturday. He just could not bear to grill Freddy though.

TTFN, enjoy the weekend and look for my Site Inspection of the Electric Factory, posting some time on Monday.

Harry 7/16/11
Happy Birthday to my sister Jenny owner, designer and head server at Cafe Rae, San Clemente, CA


  1. I forgot some links, like they taught in blogging class. More coverage of Best of Style, check out Hugh Dillon's site, Philly Chit Chat: For info on Cafe Rae, best restaurant in San Clemente, CA,

    If no one else comments, I get the veggies!

  2. Harry, I'm really enjoying the blog! What i'm finding with all the new social media is that you just have to jump in and do it! It can be somewhat intimidating at first but like anything the more you do it the better you get.
    Your personality comes through in your writing which is very much the goal in blogging i think! Congrats on taking those first few important step!
    Cheers! Bob

  3. Thanks Bob, you are the leader in the clubhouse. For those of you that don't know Bob, he is a true Zen Master of Wine. If you ever want to deepen your knowledge on wine, Google Bob and go to one of his seminars.

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