Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Consulting for caterers, assisting event planners.

Since I have not really covered this topic in depth, today's post will be an explanation of my consulting business, and how I may be able to help you with catering and venue selection for special events. I currently represent half a dozen caterers and restaurants that also cater.. I also work with other caterers and event venues on specific project based  assignments.

Electric Factory
The core of my value to event planners is that in representing many different caterers I essentially represent many dozens of venues, and I can be an invaluable resource to provide them with location choices to fit the needs of their events. Since I am paid by the caterers and venues, my service is free for event planners. I maintain a proprietary database of almost 200 venues in the Metro Philadelphia region; I began developing this list about 10 years ago in my Max & Me Catering days, and have added to and refined it ever since.
Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

Many of the venues in my database are rarely used, not well known, and thus are very exciting when a planner wants to do something different and new. There are many venues in the Philadelphia region that get used over and over again because people are used to going there, and they are good event venues, but may become a bit too familiar and uninspired for the seasoned planner and their event attendees.

Skybox, 2424 Studios
In addition to representing numerous venues, my catering and restaurant clients cover a very wide spectrum of cuisines, price ranges and capabilities. This gives the planner more flexibility in that component of their event. I also help planners put together events with multiple caterers and restaurant participation. My experience with many of the biggest events of this type is useful for planners to draw on for development, planning and operational aspects if they are doing a similar event.

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